With 7.5 tons of World Trade Center cast in her bow, her passageways adorned with the names of those who were lost, and stripes of red, dark blue, and Celeste placed in her crest to pay tribute to those who responded to the attacks, USS New York shares close ties to the people of New York and those lost on September 11, 2001. Every year New York Sailors gather to honor the fallen and their families, showing that we as a nation have not forgotten the tragic events that took place on that day.

The day began with the ringing of bells, each of them announcing the time of an attack on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, or Somerset County.

At the sound of the last bell, the ceremony commenced. More than 400 Sailors, along with family and friends, gathered aboard the amphibious transport dock USS New York (LPD 21) for the 9/11 remembrance.

“We pause today to remember all those that have lost their lives on September 11th and those who are forced to continue their lives without their loved ones,” said Lt. Anthony Pelc, Navy Chaplin assigned to New York. “May we never forget the stories of courage and sacrifice that have risen from the first responders and others who were present for the attacks.”

New York’s Commanding Officer Capt. Brent DeVore addressed the audience with a heartfelt message detailing how 9/11 has affected us all and what it means to be a part of New York.

“We must never allow 9/11 to simply be a day where the flag flies at half mast” said DeVore. “Here we honor 9/11 everyday. No matter your age at the time, 9/11 changed each of us and our lives forever…amongst that tragedy we were reminded we were a great nation, a nation where ordinary Americans can perform extraordinary acts even in the face of evil. Every day through our service, we honor those heroes. Together we labor to ensure our country never has to see another 9/11.”

The ceremony concluded with a video highlighting the events of 9/11 followed by a light display to represent the different rescue services that provided aid during the attacks.

The ship’s motto is “Strength forged through sacrifice ... Never forget.” and every year on the anniversary of the attacks, New York’s crew works to ensure that no one ever will.

New York, homeported in Mayport, Fl, is undergoing planned maintenance following a six month deployment to U.S. Sixth Fleet area of operations in support of U.S. national security interests in Europe and Africa.