In preparation of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in August, volunteers with Holy Family by the Sea at NS Mayport Chapel initiated a project to revitalize the garden area next to the Chapel.

Planning for the project was coordinated by Wayne Woolweber (Northrop Grumman), Vicky Mondares, and the Chapel members.

Father Darius said that he was extremely grateful for the donations and for the many volunteers that spent their Saturday mornings clearing the site, laying out the garden plan and completing the landscape.

Wayne commented that there have been a number of ongoing projects to improve the appearance of the base chapel. In preparation for the last Easter the chapel volunteers revitalized the entrance to the chapel by cleaning the exterior of the chapel and replanting the flower beds. As new families join our congregation, we hope that they will feel welcome and enjoy the blessings of volunteering.

A Blessing of Mary Garden was held on Aug. 19 before Mass. It was culminated by placing the Blessed Virgin Mary in the garden.