Heather McGraw was selected into the NAVSEA Commander’s Executive Fellows Program, or CEFP! NAVSEA created the CEFP to develop capable leaders for NAVSEA now and in the future. The program seeks the top performers from the enterprise and provides them with a one of a kind opportunity to experience what it takes to lead at NAVSEA. Graduating the CEFP is a formal recognition of membership in the ranks of the NAVSEA “League of Leaders.”

Bravo Zulu to the 2018 3rd Quarter Civilian Supervisor of the Quarter, Corey Shore from Engineering, and the Civilian of the Quarter, Scott Pageau from Production! Well-deserved accolades for their performance during the quarter.

Jason Fowler from Engineering received a BZ from FDRMC’s Combat Systems Division Head in Rota. While working on USS ROSS (DDG 71) Jason simultaneously cleared 3 Harpoon CAREPS, completed a Total Ship Readiness Assessment (TSRA) and Ballistic Missile Defense Readiness Assessment (BMDRA).

Mr. Charlie Cockrell, also from Engineering, completed a high-visibility, late-notice tasker to support USS Carney (DDG 64) in Rota to perform a Calibration Capability audit. The audit included training 7 shipboard personnel in Field Calibration management, and he provided training to an additional 6 Sailors from the ROSS, ensuring they maintain their Field Calibration Activity certification.

USS Gunston Hall (LSD-44) had an issue with her #4 SSDG circuit breaker so Keith Swalls from the Engineering Department, met the ship in GTMO and walked the ship through troubleshooting and repairs. Not only did Keith provide detailed training to Gunston Hall Sailors, after the completion of his primary tasking he selflessly took the time to help with NR2 & NR3 SSDG’s as well (all after hours and on his own time).

Ed LaFond, Ken Hallatt, and Mark Lefebvre of Supply identified configuration problems associate with a NAVSEA bulk load related to the Water Jet Propulsion system on board USS Milwaukee (LCS5). They conducted an Equipment Validation, identified multiple configuration data elements in error and coordinated corrective action directly with the Configuration Data Manager. Their actions will ensure proper maintenance documentation for all future maintenance actions.

Our Dive Locker just completed two, first-time ever in-water repairs on USS Milwaukee (LCS 5). The first was a replacement steerable waterjet hose and ram replacement cofferdam install. This was a fit test for their 10’x20’ cofferdam, requiring some complex underwater rigging. Completing the repair in water avoids costly dry-docking, a great win for SERMC as the increase in repair capability will pay future dividends as more Freedom Class LCS’s are commissioned.

C970 also replaced the interceptor hose/feedback cable/ram on both port and starboard sides. The repair encompassed rigging 200-pound hydraulic ram replacements and running the electrical feedback cable and hydraulic hose hookups underwater.

The Diving Supervisor was HM1 Stuart and ND3 Leyba was the Lead Diver, logging more than 39 hours of bottom time. These repairs encompassed approximately 1,000 man-hours for C970, plus many more by C300, NAVSEA OOC, and OEM workers. Other Divers involved: James Peck, ND2 Law, ND2 Braddock, ND3 Guzman, ND3 Turnwall, ND3 Robbie, ND3 Mahn and ND3 Noblit.