Name (rate/rank, first, and last): MR3 Melina Horsfall

Job: Machinist (Machinery Repairman)

Age: 28

Hometown: Blanchester, Ohio

Favorite hobby: Experience new things and sightseeing

Hero: None

Best Piece of Advice Received: Your outlook and attitude will dictate your experience

Goal for the Navy: Learn skills, travel, college and save money

How has the Navy Improved Your life? Given me so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had in my hometown.

MR3 Horsfall is a passionate Sailor and is enthusiastic about her career in the Navy, showing great potential in her technical expertise.

As a skilled Machinist she is often called upon for a wide array of manufacturing jobs; most recently she was called upon to manufacture 40 Striker Plate Thread Savers for the USS Lassen and a titanium flange for the USS Hue City’s Fire and Flushing Pump. Amongst her many talents she is an impeccable engraver. Completing over 250 engraving jobs monthly. Furthermore, she utilized her skills to troubleshoot and repair 2 out of the 3 engravers. She is a tremendous asset to her Command. MR3 Horsfall is a role model Sailor and a prime example of what a Navy technical expert is, within her field.