Name (rate/rank, first, and last): MR2 Thomas Evans

Job: Machinist at SERMC Mayport

Age: 25

Hometown: Hawley, Texas

Favorite hobby: Crafting furniture, Playing guitar

Hero: Johnny Winter

Best Piece of Advice Received: If you don’t feel like you’re going to scrap your part the whole time making it, it is possible that you are doing it wrong.

Goal for the Navy: Set myself up to get out of the Navy, Successful prepared.

How has the Navy Improved Your life? Paid for my school and education

Why was this Sailor selected? MR2 Evans is a passionate Sailor and is enthusiastic about his career in the Navy, showing great potential in his technical expertise and Leadership abilities.

His true dedication and passion to his work enables him to frequently take on assignments that can be very challenging but completes the tasking’s with little to no supervision. Fully qualified and well respected up and down the Chain of Command he is our go-to Machinist.

Sought out for his technical expertise and always counted upon for those difficult and complex jobs. He always displays a great attitude which results in a positive impact in his work center which establishes that superior work relationship among his peers.

MR2 Evans is a role model Sailor and a prime example of what a Navy technical expert is, within his field. He will continue to do great things and climb the ladder of advancement in no time.