The Lone Wolves of HS-48 Detachment Two recently returned from a surge deployment to 5th fleet aboard USS Monterey (CG 61).

With less than 28 days notice, the Lone Wolves, augmented by HSM-74, worked tirelessly to fill the crucial Air Department role aboard Monterey.

The Lone Wolves, a one helicopter detachment, completed 181 sorties totaling over 550 mishap free flight hours in support of various operations throughout the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea. The Lone Wolves flew 111 sorties of armed surveillance and reconnaissance to include 14 strait transits, the defense of multiple US and foreign flagged vessels, and multiple MEDEVACs for critically injured Sailors.

Officer-in-Charge Lt. Cmdr. Cole “Fish” Roberts is extremely proud of the Lone Wolves, “Our non-traditional detachment challenged historical norms. With only 28 days to prepare we lacked the reps and sets typically provided by a normal work up cycle. Our Sailors were a real force multiplier; their resilience, toughness, and professionalism allowed the Lone Wolves to successfully provide unrestricted full spectrum MH-60R support to the fleet.”

During their seven month deployment, the Monterey / Lone Wolf team executed an assortment of missions ranging from Tomahawk strikes, to participating in multinational exercises. Always on the move, the Lone Wolves were also given the opportunity to experience various cultures at different five ports.

While underway, the Lone Wolves were privileged to advance two personnel in rank and reenlist four Sailors. HSM-48 Detachment Two received the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.

In the coming days, Detachment Two will prepare for post-deployment inspections and briefings, while spending well-deserved time with their families and loved ones.  From HSM-48 and the entire Viper Family, Welcome Home! Vipers Lead the Way!