Name (rate/rank, first and last name): OS1Travis Dobbins

Job: LTF Instructor

Age: 34

Hometown: Bandera, TX

Favorite Hobby: Woodworking

Hero: Bill Gates

Best Piece of Advice Received: Trust but verify...

Goals for the Navy: Be selected for Chief Petty Officer and obtain my Master Training Specialist Qualification while at CSCS Det Mayport.

How has the Navy Improved Your Life? The Navy has taught me discipline, determination and the value of credibility.

Why was this Sailor Chosen to be Highlighted? OS1 Dobbins has separated himself from his peers during his short time on board. Recently qualifying as an instructor at the new Littoral Combat Ship Training Facility (LTF) on Naval Station Mayport, he is making a positive impact on their ability in preparing to open doors for training this fall. As the Command Public Affairs Officer, his duties during the last week have involved him in a retirement ceremony at the base CPO club, two awards quarters and one hail and farewell. As the assistant Command Secret Control Custodian, he was instrumental in this week’s certification of the LTF Integrated Team Trainer (ITT) for classified material ensuring progress on a limited timeline. Additionally, he is preparing for the receipt and cataloguing of over 100 classified hard drives critical to the operation of the ITT simulator. He has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and his commitment to team achievement have made him deserving as selection for the Mayport Mirror’s Sailor of the week!