Name: ET2 Joshua Bryant

Job: VTC Coordinator at COMUSNAVSO/C4F

Age: 30

Hometown: Georgia

Favorite Hobby: Getting insight from ITCS Pirches who has led me to become a more well-rounded sailor.

Hero: ITCS(SW/IW) Kenneth Pirches (currently working in 4th Fleet)

Best Piece of Advice Received: Treat every task as if it were your meal ticket.

Goal for the Navy: Become a commissioned Officer

How has the Navy Improved Your Life? The Navy has made me better prepared in unexpected changes in life. It has also given me better insight on how to handle stressful situations while still completing the mission.

Why this Sailor was selected: ET2 Bryant displayed superior performance during the month of December. He played a key role in the restoration of BLDG 3 by running 1,000 feet of CAT-5 cable. During the month, in addition to taking one college course, he facilitated Sexual Assault Prevention Response Training to the FOURTHFLT Command before holiday stand down. His efforts displayed the excellence that has become the standard for FOURTHFLEET.