By CMDCM Ross Cramer
NS Mayport Command Master Chief

Hello Team Mayport!  I cannot express enough how honored I am to have been chosen to be the Naval Station Command Master Chief.  Command Master Chief White, shipmate, thank you for your service and thank you for the great turnover. You have left me some very big shoes to fill.

I was asked to share a little about my history with you and introduce myself to everyone in the area who reads The Mirror. so here you go.  I joined OUR Navy almost 28 years ago, with several of those years right here at NS Mayport as a MACM at NavSta and as the CMC of USS Carney and USS Halyburton.   I have served on three additional ships, been the CMC of a Riverine Squadron and was a part of Team GTMO before coming back to Florida.  I can truthfully say I have had the honor of serving with America's finest all along the way.

I have a couple of goals that will take a team effort to achieve. My first goal is to take the "Finest Service to the Finest Fleet" and make it better.  This is, in my opinion, the finest base in our Navy and I challenge everyone to help me make it better.

Secondly, is to challenge ourselves to be the very best we can be both on and off duty.  Every one of you, regardless of pay grade or position, is no more important than the other; and I will treat you with the professionalism you deserve. WE will challenge ourselves to be better than we thought possible and WE will hold ourselves accountable to OUR Navy Core Values.

I am truly honored to call each and every one of you my SHIPMATE. When I call you SHIPMATE, know that it means I understand that I owe you the very best I have and I will always strive to live up to that.   To my fellow Senior Enlisted, thank you for your service and I am honored to be a part of the team! 



CMDCM (SW/EXW/AW) Ross A. Cramer left Kentucky and joined the U.S. Navy in July 1986.  Following recruit training in San Diego, CA, he attended Fireman Apprenticeship School and reported to USS Stump (DD 978) where he laterally converted to Gunner's Mate (Guns) and was advanced to Petty Officer Second Class.

In October 1989, he attended Gunner's Mate "C" School before reporting to USS Yorktown CG-48 where he assumed duties as Gunnery Division Leading Petty Officer.

In November 1992, he was accepted into the Military Working Dog program (MWD) and certified as a Patrol and Detector Dog Handler.  His first MWD assignment was Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, VA, as a Patrolman and MWD Kennel Leading Petty Officer.   He was converted to Master-at-Arms and advanced to Petty Officer First Class.

In July 1995, he reported to Naval Support Activity Souda Bay Crete, Greece as the Kennel Supervisor and was assigned duties to support the Greek Air Force and Explosive Disposal Team. 

In August 1996, he reported to Naval Station Yorktown, VA, as the Security Department Leading Petty Officer and MWD Kennel Master.  He was Selected and Initiated as a Chief Petty Officer in September 1996.  

In August 1999, he reported aboard USS Kearsarge (LHD 3) as the Chief Master-at-Arms, where he qualified Enlisted Surface Warfare and Aviation Warfare Specialist.

In July 2002, he was assigned to Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Safety in Norfolk, VA, and the Regional Kennel Master and selected for promotion to Senior Chief Petty officer.

In July 2004, he reported overseas to Naval Support Activity Naples, Italy as the Security Department Leading Chief Petty Officer and Kennel Master.  In January 2006, he attended the Senior Enlisted Academy and was advanced to Master Chief Petty Officer.

In July 2007, he reported to Naval Station Mayport as Security Department Leading Chief Petty Officer, and was selected for the Command Master Chief Program. During this tour, he was given the privilege of acting as Command Master Chief for USS Halyburton (FFG 40).

In July 2008, he reported to USS Carney (DDG 64) as Command Master Chief and proud Carney Warrior, during this tour the Carney Nation won the prestigious Battenberg Cup and various other unit awards.

In October 2010, he reported to Riverine Squadron One and became a proud River Rat. He led Squadron One through the transition into the Coastal Riverine Squadron.

In August 2012, he reported to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as Command Master Chief and became a proud member of Team GTMO.

Cramer reported to Naval Station Mayport in March 2014.