Name:  IT3 Patrick Glenn
Job: Information Systems Technician
Age: 20
Hometown: Tenino, Washington
Favorite Hobby: Building computers.
Hero: ADM Grace Hopper
Best Piece of Advice Received:
Don't let the little things both you. You'll be happier and healthier by doing what you enjoy and not worrying about what other think about you.
Goal for the Navy:
Commission as an IP officer by 2020 and advance to Captain.
How has the Navy Improved Your Life?
Since joining I have learned so much, better financial management is one of the highlights of that has helped improve my life. Managing my bills, being able to make larger purchases and to be able to manage that money with little to no debt has made my life much better.
Why was this Sailor Chosen to be highlighted?
IT3 Glenn is the current CSADD Treasurer, overseeing 3 CSADD command functions. He is 3 months ahead of schedule qualifying as Enlisted Warfare Specialist, and is on track to finish 5 months ahead of schedule.IT3 led the successful network scanning of 110 assets onboard ROOSEVELT lending to a current low of 0.57 Site owned Vulnerabilities. He also corrected 30 trouble calls, 2 Navy 311 trouble tickets, and conducted 10 maintenance checks; all of this while going through Division in the Spotlight (DITS). IT3's dedication to the USS Roosevelt and her communication team is outstanding!