Name: FC2 (SW) Jacob Zimmerman
Job: Fire controlman, TTWCS Tech/Operator
Age: 23
Hometown: Merced, CA
Favorite Hobby: Playing Hockey
Hero: My Mom
Best Piece of Advice Received: The only permanent situations in life are the ones you make permanent in your mind.
Goal for the Navy: To get my CSOOW qualification, and to finish a Bachelor's degree.
How has the Navy Improved Your Life? The Navy has improved my attitude ten-fold, and helped me mature to a level that still has my mom in disbelief. The Navy has taught me the value of a hard days work, and an easy day off. To appreciate the little things in life, and how all the little pictures you paint in life make the big picture worth striving for.
Why was this Sailor Chosen to be Highlighted? FC2 Zimmerman was chosen as the Sailor of the Week due to his strong work ethic and determination for accepting new challenges head on by improving the command's physical readiness program as the assistant command fitness leader. In addition, he is coordinating the fitness enhancement program to ensure all members meet their PFA goals by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular fitness routine.