Name (rate/rank, first and last name): DC/E2 (DCFA) Jonathon Molina
Command: LCS 11 USS Sioux City Blue.
Job: In charge of the maintenance and upkeep of all DC equipment onboard USS Sioux City.
Age: 20.
Hometown: Born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Favorite Hobby: Baseball, it was the first and only sport I enjoyed playing growing up.
Hero: My Great Grandfather, he helped raise me when I was young, teaching me right from wrong, he always attended my sporting events and he taught me to always set a good example for my younger siblings.
Best Piece Of Advice Received: Be true to yourself, stay focused and stay you, take advice from others, but never mind what is not for you.
Goal For Navy: Advance to 3rd Class Petty Officer.
How Has The Navy Improved Your Life?: It's made me a more independent person by teaching me to be responsible for my own actions, teaching me to be a more organized individual, and teaching me that every individual has a major role to play in the Navy Team
Why was this Sailor/Officer Chosen To Be Highlighted? DCFA stepped up when the opportunity arose for him to support the crew of the LCS Ship USS DETROIT. The crew is currently enduring the hard ships of a 2 month availability while making preps for Light of assessment and MOB-D inspections. He assisted in correcting 13 Discovered Discrepancies for preparations for LOA. He also spent the last two weeks correcting material checks and maintenance gaining quality hands on experience on the latest shipboard equipment. He is currently representing LCS community and his crew as the Griffin of the Month.