Name: OS2 Dustin Hamel

Command: LCS Crew 110

Job: Operations Specialist

Age: 28

Hometown: Fox Lake, Illinois 

Favorite Hobby: Reading 

Hero: His father, David Hamel

Best Piece Of Advice Received: Always tell yourself you can achieve more. 

Goal For Navy: To be successful and become a Chief Petty Officer. 

How Has The Navy Improved Your Life?: It has made me a better man, Sailor, and most importantly a good father. 

(Command Answer) Why was this Sailor/Officer Chosen To Be Highlighted? . OS2 Hamel is the go to Sailor for LCS CREW 110's Operations Department. He tracks the status of the Crew daily as well as keeps the POD up to date. He is a SAPR VA, CRT Member, POA Mess caterer, and Training Petty Officer for his department. He leaves his imprint on the command daily and strives to help others be successful. This is why he recently earned the honor of the Griffin of the Month.