Name: Marc Devonne Delacerna-Lupo 

Job: IS1(SW) with COMUSNAVSO/4th Fleet

Age: 26 

Hometown: Hutto, TX 

Favorite Hobby: Exploring 

Hero: Mother 

Best Piece Of Advice Received: With enough dedication, any pizza can be a personal pizza 

Goal for Navy: Help as many people as I can 

How has the Navy improved your life?: Numerous travel opportunities, meeting new people, learning new cultures and ways of thinking. 

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Why was this Sailor nominated: IS1 Delacerna-Lupo is the Maritime Analysis Branch Work Center Supervisor. He leads a team of seven Sailors in fulfilling internal and adhoc requirements from the SOUTHCOM Commander. He goes above and beyond what is required to ensure tasking is completed professionally and on time. He greatly improves FOURTH FLEET's readiness and overall mission effectiveness.