By AOC Select 

Lisa Broadfield

HSM-48 Detachement 4 Lead Petty Officer

Showing off aircraft and professionalism, HSM-48 Detachment Four aircrew and maintenance team made an impact during USS Jason Dunham's  (DDG-109) visit to Quebec City, Quebec July 18-23.   HSM-48 Vipers, Detachment Four are currently embarked USS Jason Dunham.

During the port call, Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. John Richardson, made a visit to USS Jason Dunham to say a few words to the crew as well as re-enlist three Sailors.  One of those fortunate Sailors was HSM-48's AWR2 (NAC/AW) Joshua F. Wolfort.  

Following the re-enlistment and words to the ship's crew, the CNO spent a moment with the Vipers for photo ops and conversation with the team regarding Navy policy and the importance of naval aviation.

USS Jason Dunham & HSM-48 Detachment 4's primary objective in the region was to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary of Independence.  Participating in "Rendez-vous Naval  2017," USS Jason Dunham was the first US Navy Destroyer to port in Quebec City in over eight years.  

Serving the U.S.A as proud ambassadors, HSM-48 Detachment Four represented the US Navy during the city's Parade of Ships, Independence Parade and hosted multi-nation diplomats which included tje U.S. Consulate General to Quebec, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, Commander Royal Canadian Navy, Deputy Chief of Operations Brazil, and Commanding Officers of various US, Canadian, and Chilean warships.

While VIP and general public tours were conducted onboard USS Jason Dunham, the highlight of the tour was HSM-48 Det. Four's MH-60R "Romeo" helicopter.  

Eager to show off the Navy's newest and most capable helicopter, the aircrew and maintenance team proudly and professionally demonstrated the characteristics and operations of the MH-60R to over 2,100 multi-national visitors.

Upon return to the US, HSM-48.4 remained embarked on USS Jason Dunham to conduct follow-on training operations.