From Staff

Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Crew 115 is the newest edition to Naval Station Mayport's LCS community after its commissioning on April 7.

The commissioning ceremony, held at Mayport Beach, marked the crews completion of individual pre-commissioning training and qualifications and their transition to active duty status.  Captain Paul D. Young, Commodore of COMLCSRON TWO served as the ceremony's guest speaker.

"I am honored to share this with you," Young said. "You are advancing the LCS story....You are now an element of something very, very special. The very first to carry the namesake of your crew and to pave the way for those who will follow. You are the first wave of men, women who will bring LCS into our surface fleet."

"All you have to do is watch a few minutes of the evening news... and watch what's happening around the globe and you know we need these ships," We need more ships carrying the American flag forward to bring stability into the regions that really need it; to help stop the flow of oppressed into the U.S.  and our allied nations to protect what is good and noble; to ensure we have access to the shallow water areas where lcs will operate and to create new avenues for cooperation with navies we've never worked with in the past."

"LCS Crew 115's battle cry is 'Poised to Strike', which is very fitting and reflective of our personality, culture and attitude," said Cmdr. Rob Dumlao, LCS Crew 115 commanding officer. "The word Poised means to be composed and self-assured. The word Strike means to deliberately hit forcibly....Well that is who we are."

"Whether we are in peace time or at war, we will endeavor to always be composed and self assured in our actions and stand ready to strike deliberately and forcibly when called upon to do so," Dumlao concluded.

LCS Crew 115 is the third crew to attain commissioned status while at NS Mayport, including Crew 110 and 114. Five Mayport LCS crews have been commissioned in total, with the other two commissioned in San Diego prior to transferring to the East Coast.