From MWR

Robert Hardwick has been named as Naval Station Mayport's Boys & Girls Club of America's Military Youth of the year. Hardwick will compete later this year at the State Level for National Youth of the Year in Orlando, Fla.

The Youth of the Year program creates opportunities for Youth Center youth to receive recognition at the local, state, regional and national levels. 

Robert has shown great leadership skills as Vice President of Mayport's Keystone Club. He contributes his time and effort to making all the teen fundraisers a success. Robert is very determined to get new teens in the door. 

He has been an ongoing volunteer for the Youth Activities Center for the past two years and is always looking for more volunteer opportunities. 

He shows so much enthusiasm and is so fun to be around he has developed a professional rapport with teens and staff. Robert is a Great Leader to his peers as he always leads by example. 

He always has a positive attitude and a heart for his friends and peers.