Name: BM3(SW) Brittany P. Wenzel

Age:  26

Hometown:  Boise, ID

Years of Service:  2 years

Job/Primary Responsibilities: Deck Supervisor, Master Helmsman, Training Petty Officer, Damage Control Petty Officer

Interests:  Basketball

Mentor:  OS1(SW) Dubenion

Best Piece of Advice Received:  Learn something everyday.

Goal for the Navy:  Finish my degree while in the Navy

Why was This Sailor Chosen to be Highlighted? BM3 Wenzel is an adaptable Sailor who helps her division and her ship in a variety of evolutions and programs. BM3 Wenzel put her expert skills to use getting Roosevelt underway on 27FEB2017 as Master Helmsman, for a two week underway period.  As Training Petty Officer, BM3 tracked the training and qualifications for 20 DECK personnel, to encompass DECK, flight deck, DC, ESWS, and duty section qualifications. BM3 also qualified as DCPO to support deck with all their vital damage control maintenance. In support of the COND III watchbill, BM3 is training a shipmate to take over the responsibilities of Boatswain Mate of the Watch. BM3 Wenzel is an asset to Roosevelt and continues to impress her chain of command.