Name: HM1 (SW) Luis Figueroa

Command: LCS Crew 114

Job: IDC/Senior Medical Department Representative

Age: 30

Hometown: Miami, FL

Favorite Hobby: Coaching teams sports for my kids

Hero: Wife, because none of my accomplishments would be possible without her sacrifice and unfailing support as a Navy Spouse.

Best Piece Of Advice Received: Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, get qualified, get involved, and pay forward all the knowledge and experience that has been bestowed on you to all the Sailors you lead. 

Goal For Navy: Advanced to Chief Petty Officer and become a future CMC.

How Has The Navy Improved Your Life? It has allowed me to become disciplined and has enhanced my leadership and professionalism on & off duty.

Why was this Sailor/Officer Chosen to Be Highlighted? HM1 Figueroa was hand selected to fill gapped IDC billet for LCS Crew 114. He was instrumental in ensuring all medical and administrative responsibilities such as suitability screenings and administrative PCS packages were completed for 49 crew members ensuring on time-commissioning. Additionally, he improved Crew medical readiness from 34 to 97.9% within 3 months of checking onboard. Furthermore, he authored and implemented 5 crucial medical and NAVOSH programs meeting all redline requirements for future medical readiness inspections.  Furthermore HM1 Figueroa holds the following Command collateral duties include EFMP Coordinator Assistant CMEO; CFL; and Mentorship Program Coordinators.