From Staff

Naval Station Mayport residents are going to be seeing a little more of each other thanks to a new brush clearing project currently underway.

Ruben De Loera of NS Mayport Public Works said the project is part of continuing security measures along the base's southern gate that separates the on-base Housing area from Hanna Park.

The project includes the clearing and removal of five feet of brush and trees 24 inches and below in diameter along the Navy side of the fence starting at the Hanna Park pilings to Mayport Road. On the Hanna Park side, five feet of brush and trees eight inches in diameter and smaller will also be removed.

By clearing the brush and small trees, it will make it easier for Security to spot any trespassers trying to access the base.

Contractors will also remove fallen trees left over from the hurricane during the project. An area along Mayport Road to the Main Gate will get a light clearing also.

De Loera said Public Works wants to make sure residents are aware of the project since it will be ongoing through February behind several residential areas. 

A second project will begin in the next week or two along the area at Gate 5 and Gate 5a to clear brush in conjunction with the housing project.