Name: Seaman Ray Ochoa Jr.

Age: 22

Hometown: Beaumont Calif. 

Job: Undesignated Fireman onboard USS Iwo Jima

Years of Service: 1 1/2

Hero: Grandfather, Ben Rios

Quote: "Sky is the limit." Biggie Smalls

Best Advice: "Don't get comfortable." - Ray Ochoa Sr.

Why He Was Chosen: Seaman Ray Ochoa Jr. was chosen as the Sailor of the week for his hard work and dedication he shows throughout the ship. As an E-3 he conducts routine maintenance everyday and he already takes on the responsibilities of a third class petty officer by keeping track of the diesel engine logs, and lube oil quality management. Not only is Ochoa assertive and a hard worker but he also raises the moral in his shop so his fellow shipmates can accomplish the task at hand.