By Cadet Kyle Leonard
Command Officer, Bishop Kenny NJROTC 

Bishop Kenny High School NJROTC Unit visited Naval Station Mayport's Surface Warfare Officer School Learning Site (SWOS LS) Wet Trainer (the Damage Control Simulator).  

A Damage Control Simulator (DCS) allows for training in anti-fire and anti-flood operation to enhance crew's capability to repair damage sustained to their ship. DCS is designed to train a warships' crew in the events related to Damage Control.  The simulator is designed to develop and strengthen their skills in making repairs in various situations. 

The cadets got a chance to experience this evolution first hand.   After the introduction DCS class, which covered, safety, investigating damage, and repairing leaks, the cadets were divided into two repair teams.  The repair teams entered different compartments in the DCS. 

First, two investigators were sent to survey the damage, and then report their findings. Next, the cadets are sent into the compartment to repair the damage. Here they are accompanied by a damage control instructor, who guides them through the evolution. The instructors allow the cadets to enjoy the experience.  

All the cadets came away with a better understanding of what the U.S. Navy is all about, how important the Damage Control organization on board a ship can become and especially the importance of teamwork when dealing with a critical situation.   

All the cadets left Mayport very excited about the whole experience and wishing the Damage Control experience could have lasted longer.