From Staff

USS Iwo Jima concluded participation in Exercise Bold Alligator 2016 (BA16) upon exercise completion Aug. 25.

Exercise Bold Alligator 2016 was an 11-day synthetic, scenario-based simulation exercise that began Aug. 15. The exercise scenario was based on joint forcible entry operations (JFEO) in a medium-threat environment and involved more than 30 Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard commands. 

Previously, BA16 focused on crisis response operations in a complex setting with coalition partners. The capabilities that allow amphibious forces to conduct a forcible entry against an opposing military force are the same capabilities that make it the first, best choice for crisis response, humanitarian assistance and building partnerships.

BA16, while synthetic, prepares American service members and coalition partners for Bold Alligator 2017 which will draw from this year's afloat and ashore planning to train amphibious forces in a real-world environment.