From Staff

Three Master-at-Arms Second Class Petty Officers (MA2) the first from Naval Station Mayport's Security department to wear the Small Craft Insignia pin.

MA2 Jacob Engle, MA2 Dalton Strong and MA2 Kiara Pinkney put in the hard work and dedication required to earn the pin that signifies them as subject matter experts of the Navy's small boats.

To earn the pin, the Sailors had to complete several qualifications, including Level 1 and 2 Coxswain at CESECFOR Harbor Operations and Tactics in Little Creek, Va., and be designated as Petty Officer in Charge of a Harbor Defense Craft for a minimum of six months. They also had to complete and pass a written exam and oral board demonstrating their knowledge and skill of the watercraft.

"I am honored I got a chance to award this pin to the first three from Security to earn this pin, said NS Mayport Commanding Officer, Capt. Wes McCall. "You are at a different level. You are setting the standard out here. Congratulations."