Name: BMSN Lucas Robinson

Job: RPPO, Rig Captain, Flight Deck Crewman on USS Roosevelt

Age: 21

Hometown: Shawneetown, IL

Favorite Hobby: Basketball

Hero: Grandpa

Best Piece of Advice Received: "Life is short."

Goal for the Navy: Save money and serve with distinction.

How has the Navy Improved Your Life?  "The Navy has made me more mature for real life situations." 

Why was this Sailor Chosen to be highlighted? BMSN Robinson has successfully earned his rig captain qualification to support the Underway Replenishment Watchbill, which is a difficult leadership position with many responsibilities included: the safe employment of riggers while pumping 375,000 gallons of fuel, transferring 62 pallets of stores, parts, and mail, and transferring ammunition; all of which are dangerous evolutions. BMSN Robinson is also the Deck division's RPPO, ensuring that Deck has all the parts and materials to complete all evolutions assigned and support the ship by maintaining and restocking the ship's cleaning gear locker. BMSN Robinson stands 3 section bridge watch, aft lookout, and supports the Flight Quarters Watchbill as a chock and chainman. He has assisted through 50 flight deck hours for the week of July 4-10.