Name:  YN1(SW) Evan P. Seller
Job:  Departmental Yeoman /Command Sponsor Coordinator

Age:  32

Hometown:  Junction City, Kansas

Favorite Hobby:  Traveling

Hero:  My mother

Best Piece of Advice Received:  Learn from other people's mistakes, you don't have enough time in your life to make them all yourself.

Goal for Navy:  Retire 24-30 years of service and finish my bachelor's degree.  Help and educate subordinates along my Navy career as I was as a junior Sailor.

How has the Navy improved your life:  Learning to work cooperatively with others in a tight knit community, leaving home to start my Navy career and learning many life skills along the way.

Why was this person chosen:  Petty Officer Seller was selected because of his meticulous attention-to-detail in every endeavor he undertakes; from the day-to-day administrative supportive functions across the LCS Squadron TWO organization to his steadfast involvement within community as civil volunteer.  His direct contributions in supporting LCS Staff, crews and Detachments reflects great pride and professionalism.